Print Editions

The following print editions are currently only available through my Lulu page at:

Keen observers will notice that in some cases I’ve combined stories in different ways from their ebook counterparts. This is partly to make sure the printed book is of a more satisfying size. In the case of ‘Five Short Stories’ it comes out as a very slim volume, in which the stories are suitable as introductions to my style and so on. I’ve occasionally sold this one – or more likely, given it away, because I’m useless at selling – in real life too.

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As well as these, I have print editions available via Amazon for Pitkirtly I – VIII, and for ‘The Lion and Unicorn Quest’, which by some sleight of hand is on both Amazon and Lulu. If only I could remember how I did that…

I’m just mentioning this in case you know of someone who you think might like my writing but who is unfortunate enough not (YET!) to have an e-reader.