Auspicious day

Today, Monday 24th January, isn’t really a very special day in most ways, but for me it’s when I draw a line under ‘Reunited in Death’ (yes, that’s the final title – until I change my mind again) for the moment and move on to start editing ‘A Reformed Character’.

As I am not very good at knowing when to stop editing, I needed a deadline to get me to do it – apparently this is one of my built-in personality traits, according to something called the Myers-Briggs test I did recently. So because I didn’t have a deadline of my own, I borrowed one from the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, which I’ve just entered. It’s as good as any other deadline, and with the added chance of advancing in the competition and learning more about what’s wrong with the novel.

It will be interesting to have another look at ‘A Reformed Character’. I am hoping to find my characters have developed in some way since the start of the series, although they may need another nudge to help them do that. It will be a gentle nudge, in keeping with the whole tone of the project.

I am not sure if the mystery novel I’m reading at the moment counts as a cosy mystery – perhaps not, although it does fulfil some of the criteria I set out earlier in this blog. It’s ‘The Blackpool Highflier’ by Andrew Martin – set in 1905 with a railway background. A very good read, and highly recommended.

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