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So far the characters in my quirky mystery novels have attempted several different kinds of crafts, although only in one case has this been very relevant to the plot.

In ‘Crime in the Community’ I introduce Maisie Sue McPherson, an American quilter who pops up occasionally in the other novels in the series. In the second, ”Reunited in Death’, she uses a quilt to illustrate her family history and in the third, ‘A Reformed Character’, she takes up knitting for a change. My main characters also dabble in crafts from time to time. Mrs Jemima Stevenson is so good at scrapbooking that she is eventually invited to an international conference on it, while Amaryllis Peebles, semi-retired spy, joins a local knitting group in order to find out more about the other participants.

I’m just wondering what sort of crafts I can inflict on my characters next. Is this a possibility?

Découpage on Easter eggs
Applying découpage to Easter eggs

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