Background music

Sitting in my conservatory, overlooking a garden so overgrown it has almost encroached on the house, I am listening to John Barry’s ‘The Beyondness of Things.’ This made me wonder what sort of theme tune the Pitkirtly mystery novels should have. And I decided that instead of having one general theme music, each character should have his or her own tune. They are such quirky, incompatible characters they would each choose something quite different.

Christopher, with his traditional background, might go for Mozart or Vivaldi, a structured piece which conforms to the rules.

The James Bond theme would suit Amaryllis! (or maybe it’s listening to John Barry that has made me think of that)

I have a feeling Mrs Stevenson would want traditional Scottish music – but I could be wrong about her. She often surprises me. Maybe she’s a secret Elvis, Queen, Abba or Madonna fan. Dave would go along with whatever she chose, I’m sure.

Jock McLean is an enigmatic character. I have a feeling he has hidden depths, perhaps even a sentimental or romantic side that he might express by going for songs from The Sound of Music or West Side Story. Certainly nothing from Oliver, which was performed every other year as a Christmas show at the school he used to teach at.

Music to write to, read to, live to.

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