enhancing the setting

We walked over to Cramond Island last weekend, and once we got there I realised again what a good addition it would make to the setting for a novel – especially a thriller or murder mystery. It is only accessible at low tide via a causeway, and because it was used in the Second World War to guard the River Forth, there are all sorts of old ruined buildings on it, including the one that obviously held a big anti-aircraft gun aimed at stopping planes from bombing the Forth Bridge.

I decided that I would give Pitkirtly an island a bit like it. How lovely to be a writer, with the ability to rearrange geography as you want. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone found a body in one of these ruined wartime buildings in the not too distant future.

I’m quite glad not to be on Cramond Island at the moment, because we’ve had one of these sudden tropical downpours that seem to be a symptom of climate change.

Geraniums in the rain
Geraniums in the rain

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