charting the reformation

I am pleased to say I’ve almost finished editing ‘A Reformed Character’, the third instalment in the Pitkirtly series of quirky mystery novels.

It will probably give a flavour of the storyline if I mention that there are now only three questions left to answer: (a) does Amaryllis really know a secret way across the railway line, or is she just referring to the little gate everyone uses? (b) why is Christopher ‘just passing’ the Petrelli’s ice-cream shop at the time when Amaryllis and Jock are gorging themselves on knickerbocker glories? and (c) why should Old Mrs Petrelli suddenly start knitting with sparkly red wool when she usually only knits navy-blue socks?

These are fairly small questions in the scheme of things, but I will have to think of sensible answers to them before going on to the next stage. In my experience it’s always the tiny details that are the hardest to pin down – as if they’re so small it’s difficult to get hold of them.

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