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While preparing for NaNoWriMo, I suddenly remembered ‘Conclusions’. It’s a short (2,000 words or so) story set in Pitkirtly which I intend to publish in time for Christmas, since it has a sort of Christmas theme. I will probably only put it on Smashwords and on this blog, since it is too short to ask people to pay for! I even have a cover for it ready – see below.

‘Conclusions’ is the story of what happens when Christopher decides to buy Amaryllis a present that’s a bit more appropriate than a woolly hat to symbolise her acceptance into Pitkirtly society, or a box of cup-cakes as a reminder to her to know her place as a woman.

This isn’t the first short story set in Pitkirtly. I already have a previous one, ‘Recycled’, a tale of revenge and community recycling centres, available on Smashwords. At some point I hope to produce a book of Pitkirtly short stories, but as I find them more difficult to write than full-length novels (weird, isn’t it?) that could take a while! Anyway, watch this space for ‘Conclusions’, which should be available in early December.

Cover design for Conclusions - Christmas paper
Cover design for Conclusions

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