a visit to Agde

The opening scene of ‘Murder in the Midi’ takes place in the small town of Agde, on the Languedoc coast not far from Beziers.  Just beyond the town, the Canal du Midi joins the Bassin de Thau, one of the large lagoons in this part of the world. The train line runs between the sea and the lagoons for a long way, and sometimes you can look out and see flamingoes. I didn’t know anything about this until we travelled to Barcelona by train, but once I had seen the flamingoes I almost wondered why we couldn’t just get off then and there to appreciate this strange and wonderful landscape.

There may be more about Agde later, but for now here’s a picture of the Round Lock where Isabelle first gets on the boat.

Agde - round lock
Agde - round lock
agde - canal du midi
The Canal du Midi at Agde

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