Writing a series

I’ve just released the latest novel in my mystery series, entitled ‘Death at the Happiness Club’. I’m very fond of my Pitkirtly characters and I intend to write at least one book a year about them until I’m not fond of them any more! Every time I start on a new mystery novel I find there is something comfortable about taking up their story again.

I haven’t yet imagined their next scenario – that will come to me later in the year, probably when I’m in the middle of doing something else! But I know they’ll be there waiting for me when I next step into their world.

As part of a list of self-imposed tasks this month I am leaving Pitkirtly for a little while to travel to the Angus glens, where I will do some work on a neglected historical novel I started in 2008 and have worked on intermittently since then. There’s time travel involved as well as the geographical kind. I hasten to add I’m only planning to go there in my mind and not in body, since there is lots to do here in Edinburgh at the moment!

I’m not sure if I will manage to get this novel ready for publication, as I now realise there is quite a lot of work to do on it, but I am almost certain it will be  worth the effort. I may take this blog to the Angus glens and/or the 14th century for a little while, especially if I get really immersed in this. Rest assured it is a really interesting and picturesque area with lots of rivers and waterfalls, and a past that is mostly hidden in the mists of time.

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