Under blue skies

Under blue skies
An unusually blue cloudless sky above Edinburgh this morning

As I wait for my novel to marinate, I’ve mostly been stuck indoors looking at rain pouring on to the conservatory roof, but today I should be able to get on with some long-postponed gardening which I am hoping will encourage me to mull over the story-line and come up with some inspired improvements! Of course it will be quite frustrating because I’m not going to let myself actually change anything until August, but I find if I can reach the point where I feel as if I have to work on the file or my head will explode, then that’s the right time to start. I’ve already written a couple of notes to myself in a notebook, but that won’t on its own get me very far.

Once I get to work on it I will also be mulling over the possibility of writing yet another in the series in November, but will that be too soon? I do have an idea for a different series of mysteries in mind too – but should I stay loyal to my friends in Pitkirtly? Oh well, these are just random thoughts that have to be left to mulch, like most of the garden. In fact my poor old geraniums have practically turned to mulch already with all the rain (see below)  they look as if they may be making a feeble recovery at the moment though.

Straggly geraniums
Straggly geraniums on the doorstep



2 Replies to “Under blue skies”

  1. I really enjoyed your book Crime in the Community,which is located in same general area as many of Ian Rankin’s Rebus novels, I look forward to reading more about Christopher and Amaryllis.as I see you have continued the good work hope they are available on Kindle! Oh by the way we have had our first rain free day in Shrewsbury for weeks, almost shocked by the sun 🙂 Kai Peters

    1. Thanks very much Kai. I’m so glad you enjoyed Crime in the Community – yes, there are 3 more in the series so far on Kindle (Reunited in Death, A Reformed Character and Death at the Happiness Club) and I have just finished the first draft of the next one.
      This must be the first weekend here for months that it hasn’t rained constantly – my garden is like a rainforest and I spent some of yesterday cutting things back. Can now see the fence at the end of the garden!

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