A pleasant surprise

Much to my surprise, I’ve found that ‘Frozen in Crime’ did not go steeply downhill after chapter 15, instead running into the buffers abruptly at the end of the final chapter, which isn’t nearly so bad. Apart from the opportunity it gives me to use a mixed metaphor, obviously.

So instead of re-writing half the novel, I ‘only’ have to do some wrapping up of the many and varied loose ends and create a more satisfactory conclusion, and it will be almost time to release it into the wild. Thanks to a couple of freakishly cold winters I have lots of snowy scenes to choose from for the cover too. It all seems too simple! What have I overlooked? No need to answer that, since it will probably become all too clear to me during the next sweep through.

One thing that still isn’t clear is whether I should write another in the series in November, when I plan to take part in NaNoWriMo for the (I think) 7th time, or whether to pursue another idea I’ve had in my head for a while but which still isn’t fully formed. But over the next couple of months I expect I’ll come to some sort of decision. Nice to have more than one thing to mull over anyway.

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