November is Fifties month

I’d just like to announce that November will be Fifties month on this blog. In case you haven’t already discovered this elsewhere, I’m planning to write a novel set in the 1950s for NaNoWriMo. The working title is ‘The Lion and Unicorn Quest’ but absolutely no unicorns will be harmed during the first draft.

I am so well organised that I’ve been building up a Pinterest board to go with this:  Only some of the images there are relevant to this particular novel, but naturally I can’t yet divulge which they are. I may be adding more images to Pinterest as I go along, depending on how bored I get with the actual writing!

I will also have some tv and radio clips and other information to share here as we progress through November. But for the moment, something more personal:

Sheila and Ian 1951
In the garden, Brighton, 1951

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