Soft launch

I’m trying to be quite minimalist about releasing ‘The Lion and Unicorn Quest’ into the wild, so this may be your only warning that it has now gone live on Amazon. Now that I’ve done this I feel a gentle sense of melancholy. This novel has been in my head for some time, and now I have to push it to one side and think about something else – my next Pitkirtly mystery, since you ask – but I want the characters still to be my friends. I do have plans for at least two further ‘Quest’ novels which will probably emerge over the next couple of years, although I suspect this Festival of Britain one will always be my favourite.

Anyway, here’s the link to ‘The Lion and Unicorn Quest’ on amazon UK:

and here’s a link for amazon USA:

In case you haven’t seen it before, here is my Pinterest board about the 1950s, where I collected my ideas for the setting and inspirational images:

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