Motivation and the weather

This weekend I’ve observed a direct link between the weather and my motivation. It only serves to confirm a vague feeling I got a few years ago when we went to Barcelona on holiday, that I would quite like to retire to Spain if it wasn’t for the food and the language barrier, which oddly enough wouldn’t be quite so insurmountable if I hadn’t already learned some Italian.

Yesterday, which probably represented the full extent of the Scottish summer, I managed to get through a whole list of things I’d been meaning to do and even some that I hadn’t even got as far as meaning to do, from cleaning the bath to designing leaflets to formatting two books in paperback. The leaflets are for a craft fair at which I will attempt to interest people in my novels. Any resemblance between this craft fair and the one described in ‘The Queen of Scots Mystery’ is not just coincidental but a brilliant endorsement of my psychic powers, as at the time of writing this it hasn’t happened yet.

Anyway, I’ve now ordered a printed copy of ‘The Queen of Scots Mystery’ for my final edits, which will have to include a good deal of consistency checking because of the number of times I changed my mind about what was happening as I wrote.

First attempt at cover design
First attempt at cover design

I don’t think this will be the final cover design but it’s always very encouraging for a writer to see their efforts begin to look like a book at all, and I am hoping this will spur me on to finish the edits in good time so that people will be able to load this on to their Kindles to take away on holiday!


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