Grand plans

I was tempted to label this post ‘The best-laid plans’ on the grounds that my plans have a way of not working out the way I expect, but maybe that would have been tempting fate!

Plan for the year
A plan for the year

To prove I even make plans at all, here is my plan for 2014 in my special plan-writing notebook, complete with authentic writerly coffee-stains. Anyone who looks closely will see it is criss-crossed with arrows where I’ve moved writing projects around from one season to another or allowed for things to take longer than expected, and contains little debates with myself at the edges.

Of course this won’t be the final version – I already know that. I’m already very slightly behind with my research schedule, which isn’t all that disastrous since I sometimes do part of the research while writing or even after I’ve finished the first draft. I think I might get even further behind with it during March, which has come along much more quickly than I expected.

And finally for now, thanks to anyone who has bought and/or read ‘A Tasteful Crime’ – it has been hovering around no. 20 in Amazon’s cosy (cozy) mystery chart for a few days, which is better than I hoped for at this point. I do hope people are enjoying it. I would also like to put in a plug for ‘Off the KUF Volume 3’ which was published on Amazon last Sunday. I’ve really enjoyed reading the stories from the other 5 writers involved, and it’s good to see 2 stories out of the 6 are set in Scotland!

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