Spring or not?

I’m still not entirely sure that it’s spring – the heating is still going on every morning, and at least one cat has gone back into hibernation this week. However, the apple blossom is more or less out so that’s something.


I’ve now written just over 38,000 words of ‘The Coronation Quest’ so I must be over halfway through it now. I have some ideas about what may be happening, although there was quite a sticky moment yesterday when I wrote the chapter heading ‘An Unexpected Development’ and then couldn’t think what the development should be.
I am writing this post on my new favourite toy, a Kindle Fire, as a practice run for next month when I hope to blog from some trains between Edinburgh and Helsinki with pictures. Having now watched the last episode of ‘The Bridge’ I am sort of hoping the journey from Denmark to Sweden won’t be at all exciting! But maybe the whole trip will be inspirational – fingers crossed.

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