I bring two pieces of (I hope) good news this morning. After a spell during which I did everything about as quickly as an arthritic slug – my excuse is that the weather was hotter than I am used to! though I expect if we had had a very dark, wet June and July I would have been too fed up to do anything much – I’ve sprung into action again.

coronation cover
Latest cover for The Coronation Quest

This morning in a flurry of activity, not only have I uploaded the image and text file to Amazon for ‘The Coronation Quest’ , but I’m very happy to say I’ve also written a few more words in chapter 1 of ‘Pitkirtly VIII’ which is now well under way. As usual, starting a new Pitkirtly novel is like coming home, with the characters seeming almost as real as members of my family. I hasten to add that I have definitely not based them on people I am related to, except maybe that second cousin I hardly ever see.

The publishing process on Amazon takes a little while so this latest novel won’t be available until later in the day or tomorrow. Once I’ve recouped my strength, probably after lunch, I will embark on the Smashwords process which will deliver it eventually to Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iBooks.


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