Seasons Greetings and…

First of all, the very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to anyone reading this. Thank you as well to anyone who has sampled any of my books. I hope there will be more of them during 2018 for your amusement.

I recently asked for opinions on Facebook about a cover for the next in the Pitkirtly Mystery series, and the result was more or less a resounding draw, much like the EU referendum only with far less dramatic consequences! Because I like to make things more complicated, and to disguise the fact that various things have prevented me from so far actually completing the book, I have produced a few more options for the cover, some of them based on the different ideas people expressed. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

You are welcome to add comments here if you prefer one to the others, or for any other reason, or to comment on my Facebook page. I do have a bit of a preference myself for the middle and right-hand versions shown on the top row here (so the one with all the text in the dark bit of the photo, and the one with the black box at the top but a bit more sky showing in the image), but because I am unskilled at design, this could well be completely wrong. Thanks in advance for any further feedback!

There is no mad rush for comments, by the way. I don’t expect to do much editing before Boxing Day!

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