Season’s greetings

I would like to wish everyone reading this the best Christmas and New Year season they can have under the circumstances. Apologies for not being more whole-hearted about it. It doesn’t mean my wishes are less sincere, just that I know it’s already been a difficult year for many people and at the time of writing the next few weeks don’t look as if they will be any less difficult.

My writing has slowed down a little over the past few weeks, although it hasn’t stopped altogether. In fact it has been of great comfort to me during a very difficult time within my own family. I’ve been working on the novel I started on the 1st of November for National Novel Writing Month, and have just passed the 70,000 word mark in it. The plot, which started out quite well with a chapter by chapter outline, may or may not still make sense, but if it doesn’t I’m guessing I will have plenty of time to do something about that in the next few weeks. At this point I am quite glad to have decided to write another historical novel and not a contemporary one, however I plan to return to Pitkirtly in the spring or summer. I can always write a mystery set during the apocalyptic aftermath of Brexit this time! (only joking – I think)

There is even a cover design ready for ‘The Heiress is Not at Home’ and here it is.

Thanks to my readers for their support, and I hope all is well with you.

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