Opinions Wanted!

Because I’m trying to do some editing at the moment, naturally I would prefer to be doing almost anything else. I found myself wielding a duster for the first time for months (maybe even years) earlier today, and I’ve just sent out a summary of actions from a meeting in record time, which will probably take the rest of the committee by surprise.

In the intervals of these more mundane tasks I’ve been attempting to design a cover for the novel I wrote in November and am now editing, for which the working title is currently ‘Pamela Prendergast and the Fatal Accident’. Incidentally, if anybody reading this has thoughts on this title please feel free to comment! It isn’t set in stone.

Anyway, I’ve now got 3 possible cover designs for people to comment on too – you are welcome to do so on Facebook or Twitter if you read this through one of the links in either place, or below in the comments on this post.

I should just explain that there are two Yorkshire terriers who play quite a large part in the story. I’d quite like them both to be standing on the rocks but I think the version with only one of them on the rocks is slightly better for some reason. I’m including a plainer version of the cover which was my original design before I started thinking it was too plain. The woman’s figure can also easily be changed.

Here are the 3 designs. Thanks in advance for any comments (even if negative).

Design A

Design B

Design C

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