February Update

Somehow or other I’ve reached milestones in two new novels at the same time. I can now divulge/confess that I’ve been working on a new Max Falconer book in the mornings and a new book in one of my Regency series in the afternoons. I’m still not 100% clear about which of the Regency series the latter fits into. Originally I set out to write ‘Misplaced Heiresses 3’ but for some reason this is now looking like ‘Brighton Heirs 5’. I don’t suppose it really makes a lot of difference either way but I’m now annoyed by the lack of symmetry between these two series, which are very much interconnected in any case. Also I had intended to get some characters to go to Manchester in time for the industrial unrest there but they don’t seem inclined to go anywhere near the place!

I had started the Regency one (‘Reclaiming Riverton’) some time last year, and temporarily abandoned it at 40,000 words, but since the start of the year I’ve added another 20,000 words and the story seems to be back on course. For anyone who has been following these stories, Cassandra’s younger sister Kitty is at the centre of the action as she runs away from her new home at Heronswood to try and sort out a problem with her and her sister’s inheritance.

At the same time I’ve written 35,000 words of Max Falconer 4, entitled ‘Rights and Wrongs’. This time I’ve allowed Max and other regular characters to stay around Edinburgh for almost all the action, because the plot closely concerns developments at his own museum. I’ve given Max’s work colleague Amanda a share of the limelight this time, although she probably wouldn’t thank me for it as she literally stumbles from one problem to the next.

There are now draft covers for both of these – see below. Finally, I think the next thing, if I ever get to the end of these two that is, will either be another Pitkirtly or a second Pamela Prendergast book (I already have a title for this so it’s only a matter of time!).

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