Rights and Wrongs – the 4th Max Falconer Mystery

Over the past couple of days I’ve unexpectedly completed and published ‘Rights and Wrongs’, the novel I had to abandon temporarily, almost finished, at the start of April. Also unexpectedly, it has made its way to Kobo and elsewhere very quickly so I am able to add a list of links to retailers at the end of this post. The paperback version is also in hand but usually takes a little longer.

Having to do something useful instead of working through my huge book of puzzles while listening to Classic FM has made a very welcome change to my routine! At the moment it does take me a bit longer to get anything done but it’s really a question of making myself concentrate for an hour or so at a time.

This story grew out of some apparently irrelevant events in the previous novel in the series, ‘Death of a Delegate’ and also out of the way the characters were heading. I am always pleased when this kind of thing happens, as I don’t like to waste a plotline if I can develop it a bit further. I did worry slightly that animal rights protests were a little out of date, now that climate change seems to have taken over when it comes to extreme protests, but, in the UK at least, there is always room for another protest group (or maybe not, if the government has its way – though this story is not at all political, I hasten to add).

Anyway, here are some links to various places where you can get hold of this.

On Amazon (this link is to Amazon UK but the Amazon number is the same everywhere – don’t click on ‘free preview’ unless you want to be plunged into the actual novel – ‘buy on Amazon’ is probably the safest option if you just want to read the blurb! – by the way, Amazon has added this preview itself and I can’t make it go away):

Not Amazon:





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