Something more about my mystery novels

My mystery novels are set in the imaginary small town of Pitkirtly on the south coast of Fife. You can see Longannet power station and Grangemouth oil refinery from the harbour, so in that sense it is quite like the picturesque village of Culross, but in many ways it is not at all similar to any real place. The closest large town is Dunfermline.

The first novel in the series is ‘Crime in the Community’, the second has a working title of ‘Reunited’ and the third, which I hope to draft in November, is called ‘A Reformed Character’. All have the same small cast of central characters, and all bring in a range of other people: American patchwork enthusiasts, Iranian gangsters, homeless Tibetans and West Fife Council officials. There is no such organisation as West Fife Council in reality, so its officials are also completely imaginary.

My short story ‘Recycled’, also set in Pitkirtly, has been available as a free download on for a while:

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