Strange characters

The central characters in my mystery novels are Christopher, a redundant archivist and Amaryllis, a semi-retired spy. They are both in their forties and, while Christopher has to work in various part-time jobs for a living, Amaryllis is still drawn back into her former life from time to time, as if reluctant to let go of it altogether in spite of her resolution to retire.

Christopher’s friends play parts of varying importance throughout the series. His closest friends are probably Big Dave, Mrs Jemima Stevenson and Jock McLean, all of whom are retired. He has a kind of love-hate relationship, although neither of the men would think of it quite like that, with Jock McLean, who irritates him intensely, and a growing affection for the other two.

Others who appear at random intervals include Maisie Sue McPherson, an American who runs a quilting group, and her husband Pearson; Darren, a young man with ‘issues’ who plays an important part in ‘Crime in the Community’ and is also scheduled for a comeback in ‘A Reformed Character’; and Steve Paxman of the fictitious West Fife Council.

Now that I’m about to embark on the third in the series, I feel as if I know my characters very well, but I am also sure they are still capable of surprising me…

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