cover selection

I was browsing through my Smashwords dashboard the other day ( – another place to get hold of the Pitkirtly mystery novels) when I found I had a 5 star review on the Barnes and Noble website for ‘Crime in the Community’ – thank you very much to the reviewer. This was a lovely surprise. I sometimes forget that Smashwords distributes to so many other sites.

At the moment I am still trying to complete my final edit of ‘A Reformed Character’, the third in my mystery series. I am also unsure about what should be on the cover. The ‘proof’ copy I got from Lulu had a temporary cat-based cover but I don’t know that our cat Jacques symbolises a reformed character very well since he doesn’t seem to have reformed at all since we first got him!

Instead I have two other options, shown below. I’m not sure if either of them symbolises a reformed character either, although I am currently leaning towards the duck.


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