I seem to have absorbed a piece of marketing jargon through my skin – we are surrounded by it everywhere these days – so I think what I am in the process of doing at the moment is a ‘soft launch’ for my latest mystery novel ‘A Reformed Character’.

I have publishe d it today on www.smashwords.com from where it will eventually work its way through to various other websites. To make the launch a bit more of an event, I have generated a Smashwords coupon for the previous novel in the series, ‘Reunited in Death’, which will give readers a free copy from the smashwords site if they feed in the code FW33P on checkout (valid until 5th October). Please let me know if this doesn’t work! It’s the first time I’ve tried to do it.

I will also be publishing ‘A Reformed Character’ on Kindle, perhaps as soon as tomorrow (18th September) and in print on Lulu before much longer. You don’t have to have read either of the previous mysteries in the series to enjoy this one, as the story stands alone – and is perhaps (but this is just my opinion) *even* better than the others – but if you read all of them you’ll find out more about the main characters, especially the ones who appear in all three novels.

Looking ahead, I should be writing the fourth novel in this series in November during NaNoWriMo, so if you like the others, then you won’t have to hold your breath too long for the next one!

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