interview with a character – Christopher Wilson

CW: Are you sure you wouldn’t rather start with Amaryllis? She’s much more interesting than me.

 What do you do for fun?

CW: I suppose I like to relax with friends over a drink in the Queen of Scots. But sometimes ‘fun’ and ‘relax’ aren’t the right words for that – especially if Jock McLean spends the whole evening grumbling, which he’s quite capable of. In fact I don’t think he’s capable of not doing that.

Then – I don’t know if this can be described as fun either, but I spend quite a bit of time trying to stop Amaryllis from over-stepping the mark and getting into serious trouble. Or, more to the point, getting me into serious trouble.

 What’s your ideal holiday?

CW: Ideally I’d like to be able to go to Paris and just wander about, soaking up history. Realistically, I’m more likely to be wandering around Burntisland soaking up rain.

 What’s your favourite gadget?

CW: Does a toaster count as a gadget?

I’m not very good with modern gadgets generally. Mobile phones are a nightmare – you have to keep charging them up, then you have to remember to take them with you and switch them on, then they ring at the wrong time and it’s terribly embarrassing.

 Sport – spectator or participant?

CW: I’m not sure I’m either, actually. I walk a lot. Especially if I’m trying to keep up with Amaryllis.

 What was the last book you read?

CW: Oh dear – this is going to sound really boring, but I got ‘Essentials of Library Management’ out of the library last weekend. I’m in the middle of that. Well, when I say the middle, I mean the middle of the first half of it… Well, so far I’ve read the dedication. And the table of contents.

I prefer gloomy fiction, actually. The kind that makes you glad your own life isn’t quite as awful.

 Any regrets?

CW: Crumbs!… Regrets, I’ve had a few…Well, I suppose I’ve had quite a lot. Mainly missed opportunities. Amaryllis says I should learn to seize the moment. I suppose she’s right, but somehow the moment is often past before you recognise it. If you see what I mean.

 Sorry, is that all right? I wasn’t sure what you wanted.

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