the end in sight!

This is just a quick post again to say that the end of ‘Death at the Happiness Club’ is in sight, although a couple of gaps have opened up in the middle which will need to be filled. I didn’t realise they were gaps until I got a long way past them, much as you might be knitting a scarf, drop a stitch and then not notice the resulting hole until you’d almost reached the end. Because I expect to reach my target of 50,000 words tomorrow or the next day, I will have time to go back and fill in the gaps before the end of the month too.

I can now confidently say that I’ve blown up a boat, murdered someone and given Christopher an unexpected trip and Amaryllis a huge fright in the course of the earlier part of November.  Like a truly thrifty Scot I have re-used many characters from previous novels in the series, including one who only had a walk-on part the last time. But some newcomers have also made an appearance.

To celebrate the fact that I cheated on my Pitkirtly characters and setting during the summer with a set of people and events which took place in the south of France, I will attempt to take this blog to France some time in December. Watch this space for more information!

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