Picking up the stitches

Well, that’s it – I’ve written ‘The End’ on ‘Death at the Happiness Club’. I don’t feel morally obliged to write any more this month, but as I’ve started to go back and pick up some dropped stitches I might as well finish doing that before I abandon the novel for a while. I’ve got quite a nice scene at a bowling alley lined up to write this weekend. If anyone who reads this is waiting for the next Pitkirtly novel to come out, I think I should say it could be ready by the middle of next year, all being well. Somehow the editing process always takes quite a bit longer than the initial writing.
But don’t despair – in December I will be adding my Christmas short story to my Pitkirtly collection at smashwords.com. If you’ve ever wondered what sort of Christmas present Christopher might give Amaryllis, you’ll find out if you read this!
I will also be releasing a different kind of novel before Christmas. ‘Murder in the MIdi’ is in the romantic suspense genre and is set in the south of France, because sometimes I need to escape from the chilly east coast of Scotland and follow the sun.

And by the way, due to the absolute dearth of almost anything worth watching on UK television (including cable channels) lately, I have immersed myself in romantic fiction instead, so I will almost certainly be migrating overseas again next summer and writing more escapist drama.

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