Next steps

I’ve been very pleased so far with the reception given to ‘Death at the Happiness Club’ so far, and this has encouraged me to adapt my annual writing plan (a very flexible thing at the best of times) so that I can write another Pitkirtly novel in July instead of waiting until November.
Of course in theory I could start a new Pitkirtly novel any time, but I find it easier to synchronise my writing plans with National Novel Writing month events as I can really only write at all if there’s some sort of a deadline involved. November is the original National Novel Writing Month but last year something called Camp NaNoWriMo appeared for the first time, allowing people to write a novel in either July or August – and I’m sure some people did both.
Because I like to be contrary, I’ve decided the novel I write this summer will be set in the depths of winter. However, as the traditional Scottish summer is more like most people’s idea of winter, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
That’s the only thing I’ve decided so far, since I don’t like to plan too far ahead.
In the meantime I am working on at least two short stories as well as still trying to complete my historical novel set in Angus and mulling over a vague plan for a mystery novel with a 1950s, possibly Festival of Britain background. The short stories are for two further Kindle Users Forum anthologies which should be published later in the year.

2 pigs in a field
The farmyard of the two strange pigs - background for my historical novel

2 Replies to “Next steps”

  1. I have read all the Pitkirtly books and loved them all. I think that it’s both the characters and the descriptive passages that I particularly like. I guess that it’s just me but I felt that the plot of “Death at the Happiness Club” might not have been quite as strong as the previous books in the series but as usual with these books I so much enjoyed the observations on human nature. Each character reminds me of people I have met and reading about them is such a pleasant experience that I can’t put the book down till I have read it to the end. Many thanks to the writer for keeping me so entertained. I eagerly look forward to the next in the series. Roger

  2. Thanks very much for your very positive comment, Roger. I found the plot of the ‘Happiness Club’ a bit strange myself! I think what happened was that the characters took over and led me astray.
    I hope to start work on the next one in the next few months.

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