Adapting to survive

An update to the previous post: I see Camp NaNoWriMo is going to run in June and August this year, so I may have to bring forward the planned Pitkirtly novel to June – or put it back to August. Just in case I decide on June, I’ve now started on the first phase, which is to think about my setting and storyline. As some readers may have noticed, the plot for the first novel in the series, ‘Crime in the Community’ was  more or less made up as I went along. Since then I’ve become very slightly more organised. But not too much, since I find the best scenes come along on their own without conscious human intervention. Or do they? That’s probably a matter of opinion.

One of these days I plan to start a Pinterest board about Pitkirtly. This idea is only slightly limited by the fact that the town doesn’t exactly exist in the real world. But I think I can get round that. Watch this space…

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