Help, I can’t stop writing!

It’s quite unusual for me not to be able to stop writing, in fact I often have trouble starting, as regular readers will be aware. But this time I am having to add extra chapters to cope with all the action that’s going on, and I still haven’t got to the final one where everything will be explained.

I’m hoping this refusal to stop writing is a good sign and heralds the end of my tendency to write too concisely, not pausing to describe anything and abruptly ending things when I get bored. I’ve always prided myself on not rambling on, outstaying my welcome with the reader. It sort of mirrors my ability to skim-read, still taking in essentials of the plot while ignoring the details of people’s hair colour and clothes, or cars, or surroundings. As a reader I only notice eye colour when it is really unusual. One writer whose novels I always enjoy gave one hero purple eyes and another silver. I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone whose eyes are either of these colours, but I should imagine they would look amazing.

Anyway, ‘Frozen in Crime’ should be finished any day now – or any week, or month, depending on how much my pen runs away with me. I’ve considered writing the final chapter where everything is explained and then going back to complete one of the action chapters I am having so much trouble with, but I think once I write the last chapter something in my head will switch off because I will think of the novel as being finished, and I won’t be able to write any more. (This is the same problem I have with outlining, by the way)

I hope the fact that this novel may turn out a little longer than the others is good news for readers, even if they have to wait just a week or two longer for it!

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