OK, I’ve stopped now

To my amazement, I did stop writing extra bits for ‘Frozen in Crime’ and it happened quite suddenly during this past week. One minute I was looking in despair at the number of places where I had put a line of asterisks to indicate something missing, and the next minute (approximately) I was formatting the novel to prepare it for printing by Lulu so that I could read it through in print and do a final check for typos and over-used words. Anyone reading this who also writes novels will know that typos often disguise themselves as essential features of the Word file but will leap off the printed page like gazelles springing across the veldt*.

Of course that meant that not only did I need a cover design, but I felt bound to write a first draft blurb to put on the back. I thought I would share it at this point, with the caveat that there is still time to make improvements.

Frozen in Crime is the fifth novel in the Pitkirtly mystery series.

As Christmas approaches deep snow cloaks the little town of Pitkirtly, an armed robbery takes place and Jemima’s husband Dave disappears.

Amaryllis, searching for adventure, wants to go on an epic quest but Christopher, needless to say, isn’t at all happy about the prospect. They both find themselves trekking through the snow anyway. Meanwhile at the police station Charlie Smith and his men, trapped at work by the weather, celebrate Christmas in style with microwaved sprouts and virtual crackers.

Things can only get worse as, under cover of snow and ice, two desperate men make their evil plans.

*I obviously haven’t researched this blog post adequately, as I have no idea if gazelles live on the veldt or not.

Frozen in Crime by Cecilia Peartree
Frozen in Crime by Cecilia Peartree

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