The things I do to avoid actually writing…

I’m now happy to report to those who are waiting for ‘Pitkirtly IX’ (no definite title yet) that I’ve now got about 25,000 words of it written, and the story is well under way. As usual it isn’t going exactly as I thought it would, but I like to think that’s how I deliver the twists and surprises every mystery should have. It isn’t long ago that someone said to me at a live event ‘I suppose you have to have everything well planned when you write a murder mystery’ and then reeled back in horror when I confessed that actually in some cases I didn’t know who the villain was until the second last chapter. In ‘Pitkirtly IX’ it took me a few chapters to work out who the victim would be, never mind the killer!

new covers (1024x909)

Because part of my brain likes to make things difficult for the other part, I always have an irresistible urge to work on something else at the same time as writing, and on this occasion I’ve chosen to re-do all the Pitkirtly covers. So far I’ve finished 3 of them, of which I’ve managed to get round to making the first one, for ‘Crime in the Community’, live. There is something odd about re-doing a cover you once vowed never to change, after it was featured on a ‘lousy book covers’ website. Maybe it’s a sign I’ve grown up at last. Or something. I plan to change them all to this style. People who already have the ebooks will perhaps recognise the photographs, which I have kept the same. Many of them are from my late brother’s collection of photographs, mostly of places in Scotland, and in fact the cover for ‘Reunited in Death’ features the churchyard at Lintrathen where one set of our great-great-grandparents are buried.
Another little project I have just embarked on, in case I didn’t have enough to do, is to try and make paperback versions of the series available on Amazon. This is one of those things I was hoping to have time for once I cut down the hours I work in my day job, and I’m very pleased to say I am now finding I can fit more writing-related tasks into the week, and I’m also happy that they are a lot more fun than managing a database.

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