Final frontier

Today I made a start on what I hope are the final edits for ‘Death in a Cold Spring’. This is the stage at which I will be really cross if I find a huge plot hole! But of course there is still time to fix it as I have no actual schedule for publication (as ever) and I’m only being driven on by the clamour from readers (!) and my self-imposed tasks of writing another almost-Edwardian novella in June and then starting on ‘Pitkirtly X’ in July so that I can free up some time later on to write something more difficult in November. Don’t ask me why I should use one of the more difficult months of the year to write something difficult. It’s a mystery to me too.

Final edits
A tantalising glimpse of ‘Death in a Cold Spring’ with my trademark elephant and post-its.

It’s a lovely day here and I think I might manage to get right through the edits in one go if only I could sit here in the conservatory or even in the garden if it doesn’t rain, and get on with them, but unfortunately I’ve taken the day off work not to do this but to go to some local meetings. This is probably a good thing on balance, as there is nothing that makes me want to spend the time writing more than the need to do something completely different. Equally, if I plan to spend all day writing I will occasionally – not always – get a sudden urge to go round with the vacuum cleaner, or go shopping, or do the washing-up. Or (more likely) binge-read on my Kindle.

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