Something odd happened

This is quite unusual and I’ve surprised even myself. The day after publishing ‘Closer to Death in a Garden’ – which has bizarrely spent some time vying with ‘Tree and Shrub Expert’ and Ian Rankin’s ‘The Hanging Garden’ for top of the ‘Gardens in Britain’ chart on Amazon – I got out a new notebook and started writing something in it.

A writing notebook
A writing notebook

Before anybody gets over-excited, I don’t think this is going to turn into a full length novel, although I suppose I could be wrong about that! It started out as more of a short story idea, although as I have now begun chapter 3 I don’t know if it qualifies as ‘short’ exactly. I suppose I could call it ‘Project Ten and a Half’ if I wanted to be cryptic about it.

As often happens with writing, I couldn’t have started on something new at a worse time. The past few weeks have been so full of other stuff that I am really glad I took the plunge and published my last two books at the time I did, before everything kicked off. Not content with going to Thurso* on a work trip which took three nights because of the distance involved, the following week I went on an overnight trip to Pitlochry to go to a play about a writers group at the theatre and then on a lightning visit to Derby to meet – guess what! –  a group of writers. While I was still recovering from all this jaunting about, our central heating broke down and I have spent a few days arguing about it with the gas company, managing to fit in some work in the intervals of doing this.

Another reason why this is the worst time to start on something is that I was sort of  planning – to the extent that I ever plan anything – to write a great novel of the Great War for NaNoWriMo in November, which would require me to spend most of October researching.  However, as I have also been distracted by family history research, which I have a feeling may result in historical fiction at some point, but not for a while, it’s actually quite a relief not to have to spend October in the trenches, so to speak. Instead I will keep on with this thing in my notebook, and see what it turns into, and choose a less research-heavy project for November. The best-laid plans etc.I will not include a picture of my updated plan for 2015, which is more or less in ruins! Not to mention all the coffee stains.

*There is more about the Thurso trip on my ‘trains’ blog – link at right hand side.

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