National Novel Writing Month comes round again with annoying predictability…

The first of November only means one thing to me – apart from the fact that I need to arrange for my car to have its MOT test in the next couple of weeks, that is. It’s National Novel Writing Month! Last year at this time I was facing the month ahead with some trepidation as for some bizarre reason I had decided to write a grim post-apocalyptic novel in response to certain political events that have now disappeared into the mists of time, at least as far as I’m concerned – others may have different opinions about this, which is fine. This time I’m actually looking forward to it, and this morning I made a start on what I hope will turn into the fourth novel in my ‘Quest’ series – working title ‘A Quest for Clemency’. Even better, the first chapter takes place on a train, which evokes memories of some of my favourite mystery novels and old black and white films. There is even a draft cover design, shown here.

Draft cover design
Draft cover design

I’m not sure if this will be anything like the final cover. I am possibly going to re-design the covers for the whole series when I get a moment, which the way things are going will be some time in 2017.

Please see my ‘Drabbling’ page (link at top here) for a new 100 word creation ‘inspired’ by the start of NaNoWriMo.

Also, in case anyone likes short comedy films and hasn’t seen this yet, please follow the link for the chance to see an award-winning film (made in 48 hours from start to finish) involving a chip shop, a piggy bank and a group of interesting characters:

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