Pitkirtly XIII comes out of the shadows

I started work on the first draft of ‘Pitkirtly XIII’ on the 1st of April, and I have just written ‘The End’ today. There is still some more to be done in terms of tidying up and making sure it makes sense.  One of the last lines in the draft is this: ‘It all makes sense!’ said Christopher disbelievingly. But that might yet turn out to be an exaggeration! Anyway, at intervals during the writing process I’ve been designing a cover, so here it is, with a virtual drum-roll as I also reveal the actual title of the novel.

13unpredictable smaller

Anyone who has been paying attention might notice this blog has changed a little and I am hoping to make further changes before long so that various bits of information are easier to find. Another of my projects – in case I haven’t got enough to do – is to re-jig all my Pitkirtly book covers slightly because I like the style of this new one.

It will take a bit longer to turn the first draft into something publishable, but I hope to release it into the world by the end of this month if I possibly can. Thanks to all my readers for your continuing patience!

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