Berlin Background

I was just wondering whether to share some of my background research for ‘A Quest in Berlin’ when I suddenly remembered my Pinterest board. I am never quite sure about Pinterest as I’ve struggled to find a use for it in the past and my first few boards had clunky titles like ‘Places where I like to read ebooks’ and ‘I love elephants’.

And by the way, here are the new elephants I got for Christmas.

However, as time has gone on and I’ve written about new places and eras, I have sometimes used Pinterest to keep me focussed on what things looked like. I have a general 1950s board that has fashions and design styles in it, and one for Cambridge, and while researching Berlin I started one for that too. Most of the photographs on this one are in black and white, as if to emphasise how grim it was, although in some cases it looks as if life was carrying on quite normally even with some of the major buildings in ruins and half the city under Soviet control.

Anyway, in case anyone would like to see some of this background too, here’s the link to the Berlin board: Berlin pinterest board

(Let me know of any problems with the link)

By the way, in case anyone is wondering, I am already counting down to the start of ‘Pitkirtly XIII’ but I have to do something about my computer keyboard first as there’s something wrong with the spacebar and I don’t want to find I’ve written a whole novel as one very long word. (Writing this on my Kindle fire)

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