Summer Update

This seems like a good time for an update on my writing projects, as, after quite a lot of months of writing about 1,000 words every morning, I am about to have a short break to go away for the weekend on a train (actually 8 separate trains in all since my journey from Scotland to Wales is almost as complicated as my overland trip to Finland was. I’m sort of hoping not to get stranded anywhere on the way, though).

It’s a bit of a wrench leaving my current novel for four whole days, and I’m hoping I won’t forget where I’m going with it. Actually the best place to go for a break just now would have been either Bath or York, both of which feature a lot in the story. I still might get to York for a day trip later.

This one is a sequel to ‘The Heiress is not at Home’ and the heroine is the widow of a character from that book. As I write this I’ve reached 47,000 or so words, and I would quite like to finish it in September.If not, I may have to abandon it so that I can start on Pitkirtly XXIII. I quite often abandon historical novels to do a bit more research or something so this wouldn’t be unprecedented. Although these aren’t generally as popular as the Pitkirtly ones, a friend of mine has urged me to get on and finish it! But no pressure.

I’ve also found a bit of time recently to revisit the short stories I wrote in June and even to try doing something with a couple of them, but there might still be more to be done.

Finally, in case anyone reading this has missed it, I did get round to publishing the ‘capybara story’ (The Case of the Late Capybara’).Although it’s only available on Amazon just now for technical reasons, I can release it into the wilds of Smashwords etc some time in October when the Kindle Unlimited time runs out.

If anyone has been following the tale of the crocheted octagons (possible future book title?) I can now reveal that I’ve now joined them up into a small blanket – see below.

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